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Dragon Mania is a game where you breed and raise dragons of many different species, trying to collect all available types. You can train them, fight them against your friends, and even organize them into teams to defeat the enemy hordes that will try to attack you.

You can raise and collect more than fifty different types of dragons, all with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Each has special abilities and more than a dozen elemental attributes that make it unique.

To raise your dragons correctly, you need to take good care of their habitat and the type of food you give them. That's the only way you'll be able to raise their level and attract new dragons to your island.

To raise a dragon's level, it also needs to fight. Fights can be arranged against your Facebook friends, or against dragons controlled by the game's AI.

Dragon Mania is a strategy and management game where you need to collect as many dragons as you can on your island, where they will live in perfect harmony.
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